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Bahama Breeze's Rum 101

It may be off-season in the islands, but that's when the locals let loose and you can join in on the real fun. It's Rumtoberfest 2017 at Bahama Breeze! The party starts September 18 and continues through November 5. Join us at any of our 38 restaurants nationwide to explore rum and discover tropical cocktail tastings with legendary flights of our handcrafted favorites. Want to impress your tablemates? Brush up on your rum knowledge below and you'll be a pro in no time!

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  1. Rum is made in a happy place. Hello, class. To start our lesson, let's take a "field trip" to the Caribbean – entirely for educational purposes, of course (wink, wink). The sun-soaked islands that surround you make up a tropical paradise at the center of the world's rum production, with nearly every island producing its own distinct style.
  2. The Bucs and Pirates loved it. No, not the sports teams ... We're talking about the sword-rattling, hard-living, adventure-seeking swashbucklers of yore. Rum was their spirit of choice … and for good reason. In addition to the obvious benefits, rum's rich medicinal properties came in handy on long voyages.
  3. The average shot of rum is only 70 calories. Even better, it contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium. So drink up, all you health-conscious revelers! Just don't get carried away. Like any beverage with a little fire in its belly, you should always drink responsibly.
  4. It's had many names. If you stepped in a time machine and tended bar 200 years ago, patrons might ask you to pour them some grog, pirates drink, kill-devil, rumbullion, Nelson's blood or Barbados water. Being a well-educated ambassador of the 21st century, you'd confidently reach for a bottle of rum.
  5. Rum's been produced in North America since 1664. Three guesses where the first distillery was located: Boston? Nope. St. Augustine? Wrong. New York City? Extra points for you! (We also would have accepted New Amsterdam or, if you want to get really specific, Staten Island.)
  6. Rum Running was big business during Prohibition. When the 18th Amendment effectively banned alcohol in 1920, Americans were left high and dry. But not without recourse. Like pirates of old, it wasn't long before rum-runners were smuggling the spirit from the Caribbean to ports in Florida and beyond. At night, Rum Rows would pop up along the Eastern Seaboard, a line of ships in international waters ready to engage in forbidden trade.
  7. It's a deceptively colorful concoction. Due to several factors – including the aging process, barrel type, filtration and the addition of cinnamon, caramel or other spices – rum can vary in color from virtually transparent to gold, brown and black. Only one way to find which style you like best!
  8. Puerto Rico has a unique place in the rum world: Because of its sugar cane output, more than 80 percent of the world's rum sources originate in Puerto Rico. So it comes as no surprise that the world's largest rum distillery (Casa Bacardi) is also located on the island. The Bacardi family even provides free tours and two free cocktails, just because they can. Who's coming with us?
  9. You don't just have to drink it. In the 1800s, rum doubled as a go-to beauty product for its ability to clean hair and strengthen roots. And for hundreds of years, sailors in the British Royal Navy were paid in rum.
  10. It's a drink for all seasons: All good things must come to an end … even Rumtoberfest. But that doesn't mean the fun has to stop. At Bahama Breeze, several varieties of rum and rum-inspired cocktails can be enjoyed year-round. Indulge in some of our favorites, including Rhum Clement XO, Pyrat 1623, Zaya Reserve and Cruzan Single Barrel.
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