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A sunny outdoor party with people dancing at Bahama Breeze

About Bahama Breeze



Caribbean inspired food, handcrafted tropical drinks, and a vibrant island atmosphere lets you feel a million miles from home, any day of the week. Here, you can explore island flavors, discover legendary cocktails, and feel the energy of live music. Like sunshine on your face, it’s warm and welcoming. A place to gather with friends and share a tasty plate or two or five. No worries. You’ll find your favorite dishes here, but our chef delights in introducing you to tropical tastes and new recipes. And don’t we love to see his smile? Almost as much as we enjoy seeing yours.

Five hand-crafted tropical mojito cocktails from Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Handcrafted Happiness

Our bartenders make our legendary cocktails with fresh juices, sugar cane, and island expertise rarely found on the mainland. Tasty and exotic, many of these spirited drinks come with a story to tell. Recipes gathered from the bars and hotels where they were first made famous, these handcrafted creations are one of our signature island enjoyments. Here’s to sunshine and quenching your thirst for a bit of adventure.

Three fish tacos with tomato salsa and jicama slaw and a side of guacamole

Explore Caribbean Cuisine with our Expert Guides

Get a taste of the islands or dive in for full on flavor adventure. Bahama Breeze offers all your favorites: burgers, salads, seafood, chicken—all with our island flair. From trying jicama or plantains to jerk chicken pasta, you can enjoy the islands one taste at a time, discovering new flavors and favorites along the way. If our Caribbean-inspired recipes sound delicious but you’re not sure you’re ready to explore, ask us about the ingredients or preparation. We’re always happy to share our knowledge of Caribbean cuisine. Most importantly we want you to enjoy whatever you choose from our flavorful menu.

A lively group of people enjoy island food and cocktails together at Bahama Breeze

Happier Hours

There’s no place like the islands if you’re in need for some extra sunshine. Whether it’s after work or late night, you’ll find it at one of our happy hours. Share some appetizers, sip a legendary cocktail, listen to the live music, and enjoy the rhythm and energy of island time.

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A musician plays live music for a crowd at Bahama Breeze

Live Music with Island Energy

Every Bahama Breeze has live music in the evenings. With Caribbean soul and contemporary tunes, our musicians keep the energy lively and the atmosphere friendly. Let it be the soundtrack to a fun evening with friends—an island escape that re-energizes your adventurous spirit, puts sunshine back in your smile, and leaves you humming a Caribbean melody.